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DONGGUAN XJK TECH CO., LTD Embedded products is growing fast in China, in 2006, dasey jekyll electronic technology was born in this age of red. Company located in the center of the pearl river delta, China's economy the most developed world manufacturing base, dongguan. The geographical position is extremely superior.
The company is committed to research and development, embedded in the government support and the help of the social from all walks of life including peer brothers, my company has a number of advanced technology in the field of hair distribution automation control of innovative products, is the earliest southeast Asia to one of the experts of generators power system equipment.
Factory set of generator speed, adjustable clamp, synchronous control board, grid cabinets controller, controller, the diesel engine generator power factor controller and all kinds of hair distribution instrument production, sales, maintenance in a body……

XJK digital transformation of product

As we all know, analog control board has some inherent defects, please refer to: the benefits of the digital control
Dasey jekyll after years of exploration research……

For your understanding of the role of generator AVR?

The AC voltage output from the main winding of the generator armature is filtered by the voltage sampling part (U1) and sent to the comparison and PID circuit to compare with the signal U2……

Why use a governor governor?

For stand-alone generators, to ensure that the frequency is within the normal range, you must use the generator governor to adjust the speed of the prime mover to drag the generator……

Diesel generator accessories daily maintenance precautions?

Diesel generator parts of the body is generally cast by the gray cast iron material, in the work can be with a variety of internal and external load, but still in the harsh environment may……

Compression ratio of internal combustion engine

What is the compression ratio of the engine? Whether it is a gasoline engine or a diesel engine, can maintain a stable and appropriate compression ratio in order to make the operation of……
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